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A Wiccan Send-Off

Towards the end of 2021, someone reached out on the best way to honour the dead when they are predominantly pagan or Wiccan. As a practicing psychic medium, it threw me off guard as I realised it was a budding concept I had never truly visited.

Over the course of a week, I spent some time conducting a little research to help a friend grieve in a way her recently passed on Wiccan priest would appreciate.

As Scott Cunningham once said,

If you would be a magician, honour the Earth. Honour life. Love. Know that magic is the birthright of every human being, and wisely use it.

Hence, here is a little Pagan poem I’ve written to celebrate him and his memory as she plants a tree in his honour whilst reciting below;

Mother Gaia, here this witch/wizard lies, His ego, body and soul belies, A departure that only you can hold, For he returns the memories of the old.

As he moves on to his next journey of his soul, May you grant him the root of your stronghold, The caress of this winter air’s snow, The whispering of the wind’s souls, The warmth of a story forever retold.

In the earth’s love of the loved ones’ sorrow, For our memories shall never be foretold, Into nothing more than what’s meant for the journey of his soul.

As I light this candle to ease him into the journey unknown, Gaia may you ease him as I grow this plant to honor his own, To always have love, protection and light with his from your own.

Feel free to use it on your own terms.

With this poignant note, it is to dust we came to life and to dust we shall rewind.

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