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Types of Readings

At NU WA, we focus on helping you get your questions answered. Hence, it is highly recommended that you prepare your questions and have a general idea of what you would like to know out of reading.

Struggling to make a choice? Find out which reading best suits you below.

Unsure of what questions to ask? Read our quick tarot question guide for more.

PS: All readings can be conducted offline in a cafe or online live via Zoom with a recorded video for future reference to rewatch at your convenience.

Tarot Cards

General Reading

This is a 2 hours reading that would bring about the possibilities of a future that might happen, the spirits around you and most importantly, the energy at the moment. It'll come with advice on how you can progress and grow as a person. This is a reading with no indication of what would come up but only what you need to know to progress.

Tarot Reading

Monthly Subscription

This is a recurring monthly reading that sums up the weekly energy on a monthly basis just for you.  Available in a compiled video with clear details on what to expect monthly, you can be sure that life would be easier to navigate over time. Only available online where a pre-recorded video is sent 3 days before the first day of each month.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Trauma Identification

Mental health is the key to unlocking a self-fulfilling, grateful and joyful life. She believes that understanding the 'Truth of Self' is the key to unlocking the secret of life well lived on one's own terms, conditions and beliefs. Knowing that through NU WA people would understand themselves deeper to soar for their dreams: it truly keeps her going.

Fortune Telling Cards

Discover Your Gifts

This is a reading that reveals the psychic gifts (clairs) that you might have (psychic gifts). It comes with specifications on how to unlock and what are the significant blockages in your life that are causing you to be unable to access. In addition, tips to improve and unlock to your true potential would also be highlighted to aid you on this spiritual journey.

Tarot Card Deck

Make A Decision

Stuck between choices? Unsure of which career path to move forward with? (or unable to choose between love interests?) This reading is specially designed to help you see the energy of the future to help you make a decision. It will cover the possible outcomes of two choices so you can make a decision with clarity, rationality and certainty.

Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Past Lives Reading

Never really understood why you have certain phobias or persistent cycles that never stopped haunting you? This reading aims to bring you clarity into the lives you've had before your current one. From the Renaissance era to Mayan times, feed your hunger for knowledge in knowing yourself, karmic lovers and many other traits in order to find your life purpose.

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